How to print

Printing is available to SFU students and library guest patrons:

  • Step 1: Add printing credit to your account
    • In-person by using the cash machines at the following locations:
      • Library 3rd floor
      • AQ 3148 (computer lab)
      • WMC 2502 (computer lab) 
        • The machine accepts $1, $2 coins and $5, $10 and $20 bills, but does not give change. The library front desk can break larger bills.
        • SFU students: log in using your computing ID username that you use for goSFU, Canvas, etc. (not your student number or email address).
        • Guest patrons: case-sensitive username in the form of IC xxxxxxxxxx, including the space, and the corresponding case-sensitive password.
    • Online by visiting while connected to SFUNET-SECURE wireless (SFU students only).
  • Step 2: Log into any SFU computer (guest patrons only have access to library computers) using the same credentials from Step 1
  • Step 3: Open your document and print to one of these printers:
    • Lab Mono: Prints black and white ($0.11 per side)
    • Lab Color: Prints colour ($0.25 per side)
  • Step 4: Log into the computers beside the printers (with the same credentials as step 1) and release your document