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Personal webspace

Accessing personal webspace off-campus

To promote information security, you'll need to connect to SFU's secure networks to access personal webspace remotely.


You can access personal webspace on computers in SFU computer labs. They are accessible remotely, however, it requires MFA.

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Graduate students, faculty and staff

You can access personal webspace by using SFU VPN. This also requires using MFA.


The web publishing service for individuals & small groups

Each student, faculty and staff has access to 10-gigabytes of webspace to host online content, such as a website, or study or work related files, on the server. Typical uses of Personal Webspace include:

  • Students hosting a portfolio website, or
  • Faculty hosting a research CV website

Your personal webspace can be accessed using your SFU Computing ID & password, and published webpages can be viewed at

Alternatives for small groups

Don't want to host online content for a group on your personal webspace which displays your Computing ID, or need to allow multiple people to edit the webspace? You can request an alternative webspace on to host online content for small groups.

Check out WebDAV



University policy GP24, Fair use of Information Resources governs the use of all computing systems at SFU, including all web and file servers.

Available to

Students, faculty and staff

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