Service Management Platform Replacement

In July 2022, IT Services will be introducing ServiceHub as our new Enterprise Service Management platform, powered by TeamDynamix. ServiceHub aims to streamline and improve service management processes for the SFU Community.

In Phase 1, launching July 11, IT Services will be onboarded and shortly after in Phase 2, other SFU departments and groups will be invited to use the new platform. As we prepare to onboard your group to ServiceHub, we will provide advanced notice, training and support for those who need assistance.

Making Service Management Simpler

ServiceHub is an enterprise service management (ESM) platform, powered by TeamDynamix. TeamDynamix is a service management application that is adopted by many higher education institutions in North America. This platform aims to bring tools to streamline and improve service management processes for the SFU Community.

What are the key features?

Some of the capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Service catalogue: An organized and actively maintained list of services available to our clients. With permissions-based features, both external and internal facing services are now possible.
  • Client/customer portal: Our clients will have a dedicated portal to interact with IT, report issues, order services and check ticket status - decreasing the reliance on email as the primary means of communication.
  • Custom forms and workflows: Services can have custom forms to capture specific information required to provide a service. Custom workflows will optimize request handling including the capability to configure approvals and automate assigned tasks to responsible person/groups. Both features will reduce the back and forth between support staff and clients and queue juggling between IT teams.
  • Enhanced reporting: Much Improved visibility into operations and service delivery. You can now build your own reports and dashboards that meet your needs or your management needs. 
  • Dedicated knowledgebase: An organized content management feature with a direct relationship to the Service Catalogue. By promoting a viable self-help mentality, the number of incoming tickets will be reduced.


Get Help

If you have any questions or feedback regarding ServiceHub, contact our team with the webform at ESM.

Available to

Faculty and staff

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