How is SFU Cloud accessed?

SFU Cloud has a web-based portal for the deployment and management of your systems.

How do I access my virtual systems?

You can reach your systems from anywhere remotely and securely using Remote Desktop or SSH depending on the operating system of your virtual machine.

Can I have external contractors accessing my resources in SFU Cloud?

Yes, if they have SFU sponsored accounts they can access the portal and the systems.

Is there a charge involved?

We are working on the charging model and the details are still to be determined. However, eventually we will be charging for systems, but we expect the fees to be much lower than a comparable public cloud service.

Are the systems secure?

Yes, the systems are protected by managed multi-layer firewalls and multi-factor authentication through IT Services. The systems are patched on a regular basis to keep them safe from the latest exploits.

Can I choose the operating system for my virtual machine?

Yes, we have a choice of operating systems that should satisfy most requirements.