Features & benefits


  • Increase or decrease capacity within seconds.
  • Provision one or several virtual machines simultaneously.
  • Eliminate wastage of reserved capacity by changing CPU, memory, disk and network on-demand on a running VM.
  • Provides developers the tools to build highly available applications and protect them from common failure scenarios.

Owner controlled

  • Have complete control of your systems including full administrative access and the ability to interact with the systems as you would with any traditionally-hosted physical machines.
  • Shut down or pause any system while retaining the data, and use the user portal to restart the same instance back to operation.
  • Access server consoles and take point-in-time snapshots to confidently apply server changes.

Hosting choices

  • Deploy multiple operating systems
  • Apply software packages to shape the platform that suits your business application needs.
  • Define and configure memory, CPU and disk size that is optimal for your application and change configurations dynamically

Institutionally integrated

  • Tightly integrated and embedded in the SFU Data Centre allowing systems to leverage SFU’s high-bandwidth networking and advanced data protection.

Highly reliable

  • Provides  a highly redundant and reliable environment that is in-line with the SFU Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan.
  • Critical systems are geo-replicated to a satellite data centre providing backup against a major disaster.
  • Systems are backed up daily and provide RTOs that are in-line with IT Services’ backup and restore retention policy and recovery objectives.


  • Integrates with SFU Federated Authentication for secure web service access and subsequent system access.
  • Keeps your workloads and data isolated and safe from external threats and other tenants.
  • Complies with provincial and federal privacy laws.


SFU Cloud passes on to you the monetary benefits of running in-house infrastructure at scale in the most optimal matter, leveraging highly skilled IT professionals and disciplined hardware and software acquisition practices combined with favorable pricing available to educational institutions.