Obtain & Setup Key Fob/Card

As part of the implementation project, existing permanent SFU Faculty and Staff will receive their first key fob/card for free until the end of August 2018 to use with SFU Print. They will be distributed to your department when SFU Print devices are installed in your department. If you lose your key fob or need a new one, there will be a fee charged to replace the key fob. If you do not have a key fob or have lost it, you can also log into the SFU Print devices using your SFU Computing ID or PaperCut ID #.

Who can get a key fob? Staff, Faculty, TA's, or anyone that departments allow to print.

Have an existing key fob/card? Existing HID key fobs or cards used for unlocking secure doors may also be used for SFU Print.

Don't have a key fob/card? Contact your department administrator or:

Set Up Your Key Fob/Card

Step1: Tap your key fob/card on the card reader.

Step 2: You will be prompted to authenticate yourself by logging in with your SFU Computing ID and Password. 

Step 3: Enter your SFU Computing ID and Password. Then press "Associate". You will get a confirmation that your key fob/card is associated with your SFU Computing ID. If you get an error, re-tap your key fob/card and enter your SFU Computing ID and Password again.  Once completed, your key fob/card will work at all SFU Print devices.

Note: Only one key fob/card can be associated with your SFU Computing ID. If you associate a new key fob/card, it will overwrite the existing one.