Uploading Files

Upload to your iOS Device

From the main screen (iPad shown below), any previously uploaded files and folders will appear in the left-hand menu by default.

Along with the "Files" list, users can change the menu to view either their "Uploads" or "Shared links", and can also access the "Settings".

To upload a new file or create a new folder, select the (+) icon just above the default list of items.


To rename, delete, or share an item on Apple devices, place your finger on the desired file or folder and swipe to the right to reveal the potential interactive options.

The example below shows the "Documents" folder in the process of being modified with this method.

Selecting the ellipsis (...) marked with "More" will bring up another menu from the bottom of the screen to give the user additional choices such as the ability to move an item or add it as a favourite, while the download option will place a copy of the file or folder onto the mobile device's storage.