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SFU Vault Migration

SFU Vault’s support license changed on January 31, 2022. After this time, IT Services will move ahead with the introduction of OneDrive and MS Teams as the preferred choices for file collaboration and storage within the university.

IT Services will fully support SFU Vault during the transition to OneDrive and MS Teams; however, IT Services will no longer be able to increase your storage limit.

As part of IT Services' commitment to sustaining virtual collaboration options at SFU, we are taking these initial steps to replace SFU Vault with more modern alternatives such as OneDrive/MS Teams.

As we prepare to replace SFU Vault in early 2023, we will provide advanced notice and support for those who need help moving to alternative solutions. We encourage you to explore OneDrive and MS Teams as choices for file collaboration and storage within the university. Both OneDrive/MS Teams are FIPPA compliant and are recommended by IT Services as secure alternatives.

There are 3 steps to migrate your files off of SFU Vault: