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Temporary Free Student Licensing Updates

As of September 29, 2020, Adobe's complimentary free student licenses have expired.

Please note that access to Adobe 2018 remains available via our online computer labs. For students who need remote access to Adobe 2020, please take advantage of SFU's educational discount.

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SFU's agreement with Adobe includes the Creative Suite, and Acrobat Pro.  

  • Acrobat Pro is the software that allows for the viewing, creation and editing of PDF documents.
  • Creative Suite is a collection of Adobe tools, including Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop and several more.

What's included in the SFU Adobe software agreement?

What's Included

Acrobat Pro is of course just Acrobat Pro.  

Creative Suite is a collection of individual programs (including Acrobat Pro). Our campus agreement provides the main desktop applications, fonts, and some cloud storage.  Other cloud services like Portfolio, Behance, and stock are not included and must be procured separately. IT Services is not maintaining licenses for these additional services.

Training is available directly from Adobe. See here.

The best place to get info on the suite components is at Adobe's Site, but we will post a list here for brevity:

  • Photoshop, Image editing and compositing
  • Lightroom, Digital photo processing and editing
  • Illustrator, Vector graphics and illustration
  • InDesign, Page design and layout for print and digital publishing
  • Adobe Premiere Pro, Video production and editing
  • After Effects, Cinematic visual effects and motion graphics
  • Project Felix, Easy 2D and 3D compositing for photo-realistic images
  • Dreamweaver, Design and develop modern, responsive websites
  • Adobe Muse, Design and publish websites without writing code
  • Animate, Flash Professional is now Adobe Animate CC. Interactive animations for multiple platforms.
  • Adobe Audition, Audio recording, mixing, and restoration
  • Bridge, Centralize your creative assets
  • Media Encoder, Quickly output video files for virtually any screen
  • InCopy, Collaborate with copywriters and editors
  • Prelude, Metadata ingest, logging, and rough cuts
  • Spark, Easily create and share impactful visual stories — in minutes
  • Scout, Profile Flash games on web and devices
  • SpeedGrade, Film finishing and color grading
  • Story Plus, Collaborative screenwriting, reporting, and scheduling tools
  • Extension Manager, Easily install and manage extensions
  • ExtendScript Toolkit, Add script to your creative apps
  • Acrobat Pro, Create, edit, and sign PDF documents and forms

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