Recommended Usage

Unsure which application fits your file collaboration and storage needs? Here is a quick comparison between Microsoft Teams and OneDrive at SFU:

  Microsoft Teams OneDrive
Primary Purpose Collaborative file storage needs involving only faculty and staff, or external groups 1,2 Individual file storage needs involving only faculty and staff 1,2
File Ownership Files uploaded to Microsoft Teams remain within that team regardless of the uploader's membership status. Files uploaded to OneDrive need to be managed by the owner of that OneDrive. Files might get removed once the owner lost access to OneDrive at SFU.
Recommended usage Shared working documents Individual working documents
(Windows/Mac, Linux, iOS/Android)


Note. Linux users can only access OneDrive through web browser and/or third-party apps

(Web, offline and off-campus)

Note. Offline file access is only available if files were previously synced locally to your device using the OneDrive app

File Synchronization

(co-authoring, concurrent editing, version history)

File Search Filters


(sharing permission, blocking edits/downloads)

(Recovery period from recycle bin)

1 Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneDrive are available to faculty & staff for early access. The official launch date of these services will be announced in the future.

2 For collaborative file storage needs involving students (i.e., faculty to student), SFU Canvas is the recommended solution until further notice.

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