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An intuitive web survey tool

SurveyMonkey is a full-featured web survey tool with a wide variety of question types and reporting. This service is provided to support surveys for university-related teaching, learning, research, and administrative purposes. The SurveyMonkey application and data are hosted in Canada by a commercial provider external to SFU. 


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SurveyMonkey vs Websurvey, which survey tool should I use?

There are several considerations:

SurveyMonkey is the most full-featured of the two options, has more types of questions available, and offers frequently requested features such as 'branching' available within surveys. SurveyMonkey is capable of meeting the widest range of needs.

However, even though SurveyMonkey is hosted in Canada and our implementation meets the requirements of BC's FIPPA legislation, SurveyMonkey, Inc. is US-owned and this has implications for support access (see our SFU SurveyMonkey Terms of Service page for more detail). The SFU WebSurvey application and data are entirely hosted at the SFU datacentre and support is provided by SFU staff in Canada, only.

If you are using your survey as a mandatory requirement for course work or similar activity with SurveyMonkey, you may need to consider using a personal information disclosure consent form and/or have alternative methods available for the student/etc. to complete that activity.  Please contact the Information and Privacy Officer in the Archives and Records Management Department for the correct consent form to use. From the perspective of provincial privacy legislation, SFU WebSurvey would typically require no such consent form because it is entirely hosted at SFU.

Who provides support?

All support for the SurveyMonkey Service, including all end-user and survey support, is provided by SurveyMonkey. Requests for SurveyMonkey support can be found at SurveyMonkey's help site.

SurveyMonkey provides direct support for:

  • product feature capabilities 
  • surveys creation and best practices 
  • technical issues

Any issues reported by survey respondents to the survey administrator should also be directed to SurveyMonkey. 

Online tutorials, how-to documentation, information about survey creation, advanced topics and techniques, and best practices can also be found at the SurveyMonkey help website.

SFU IT Services can only provide support related to account authorization and access through the CAS login page. 

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