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Tableau helps better visualize data

Tableau is a tool that helps visualize data via images and graphics making the data easier to understand. Tableau allows users to publish their data visualizations to a site. Users can also create and publish visuals to the Tableau server. 

Tableau has two distinct services:

Tableau Desktop

This is a installed application that is deployed to Windows and Mac managed machines. A license which needs to be purchase and owned by IT, but the maintenance cost of $300USD/yr is passed onto the user. The license can be applied to up to three machines (of which one of the machines would be the managed desktop).

Tableau Server

This is an on-premise web server that IT can provision sub-sites for departments that would like to host their own Tableau visualizations (created in Tableau Desktop) for viewers who may not have Tableau Desktop. There is no charge for departments to request a sub-site. IT Services would provision and set up the basic site, but department sub-site maintenance is the responsibility of the user, including user management.

Get Tableau


Tableau licensing is available for work use with a fee of $300 USD a year. You can request Tableau by emailing

Faculty and students

You can obtain Tableau from SFU Library


Available to

All administrative staff

* Faculty & students can refer to the library in order to use the service for academic purposes. 

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