Service details

Examples of our streaming layout

Examples of Our Streaming Layout (Onsite / Virtual)

Live webcasting, or event live stream on Zoom

  • Concurrent live webcast allows remote viewers to watch your event and submit questions via a Q&A web form to the event coordinator's email address.
  • This service is to provide a live stream of a Video Conference (e.g. Zoom) Event in order to reach a wider audience.
  • We will also provide you with a recorded version after the event.

Event Recording, or event video recording on Zoom

  • Record video of your event with high-end A/V equipment and dedicated technicians. Presentation content from projectors are also captured.
  • This service is to provide a video recording of a Video Conference (e.g. Zoom) call.
  • The final video can be hosted by SFU or downloaded.

Video Archiving 

  • IT Services will archive video of your webcast or recording. Videos remain available for download or streaming for up to 1 year before being deleted. Video analytics are available on request.

What's included?

Standard Services

(During COVID-19)

  • 1 x AV technician
  • 1 x Zoom Connection
  • Video and Audio Equipment Check.
  • Includes 30 Minute Setup time.
  • Standardized titling and SFU logo
  • A video recording/livestream of the event using a standardized template includes: 1 x Zoom Connection to Record and/or Livestream the event.

Additional Features

Available with approval ahead of time:

  • Customized permissions for elective viewership based on SFU Computing ID
  • Custom image for opening title

Charges & fees

Please contact MECS


On-demand video typically provided within 3 business days.