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Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi)

Wi-Fi service at SFU

It is recommended that students, faculty and staff use SFUNET-SECURE, the secure wireless network on campus. You also have access to wireless services at cooperating institutions in Canada, US, Asia and Europe using eduroam

SFU Wi-Fi security certificate renewal on March 4, 2023

To continue to provide stable and secure Wi-Fi at SFU, the WiFi security certificate will be updated on March 4th across all SFU networks and campuses.

This will impact all devices currently configured to the SFUNET-SECURE and eduroam WiFi networks.

What you need to know

  • Upon arriving on campus on or after March 4th, to access SFU WiFi networks you may be required to update the Wi-Fi security certification for each device you use to connect.
  • Your device will prompt you to accept a new SFU Wi-Fi security certificate, or to re-enter your SFU ID and password. Please do so to ensure your Wi-Fi certificate is updated.
  • If you have an SFU Managed Device or are using a Windows operating system, your update should be automatic, and no action is required.
  • If you are not prompted and not using a managed or Windows device, you will need to perform this action manually. A complete list of instructions based on operating system is available at A manual update can be done at any time before March 4, on or off campus, however Android users will need to update on or after March 4.

Need help? 

  • Contact the IT Service Desk via,
  • Go to an IT Service location in person,
  • Visit an IT Services support kiosks located around the Burnaby campus and available to assist community members on March 7, 8 and 9.

Connect to Wi-Fi


At cooperating institutions


Can't connect to the SFU Wi-Fi? Try the following troubleshooting tips.

The majority of wireless incidents are resovled by (re)installing Cloudpath.

If you continue to experience frequent disconnects or slow wireless service, try the following suggestions to see if connectivity improves.

  1. Ensure you are using a valid SFU computing ID.
  2. Ensure all Operating System updates are installed.
  3. Ensure the latest wireless drivers are installed (MacOS includes drivers as part of the Operating System updates).  Drivers make a significant difference to the performance of your wireless connection. Please find the newest available driver for your wireless device from the vendor's website.
  4. Use devices that support at minimum WiFi 5 (802.11ac) on the 5ghz band.  See to determine if you device supports WiFi 5.
  5. Disable any power saving features on the wireless card.
  6. Ensure you are connecting to the SFUNET-SECURE Network. Check out the setup instructions.
  7. If after following the above suggestions connectivity has not improved please email and provide:
    1. Your first and last name
    2. Your SFU computing ID
    3. Your wireless MAC address
    4. Your wireless IP address
    5. Your device type and Operating System version, for example iPhone running iOS 15.4, PC laptop running Windows 11, etc
    6. Building and room number where you are experiencing the connectivity issue
    7. The date and time(s) you are experiencing the connectivity issue
    8. What is the nature of the connectivity issue
      1. Are you able to connect to wireless and browse
      2. Is the connection slow
      3. Does the wireless connection fail intermittently or totally
      4. Did you note others in the area experiencing the connectivity issue

The following references may be of use for both troubleshooting and general information.

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Students, faculty, staff 

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