Host controls during a meeting 

If you’re the host of a meeting you’ll have an expanded set of controls during a meeting to help keep things running smoothly.

1. The Security icon reveals a set of security controls for the meeting

These controls include:

  • Locking the meeting, which will prevent any additional participants from joining.
  • Toggling the waiting room for the meeting. For more information about waiting rooms see the help article: Waiting room

Additional participant controls such as:

  • The ability for participant to sharing their screen.
  • The ability for participants to use the chat window.
  • The ability for participants to renaming themselves after joining the meeting.

For more information see the help article: In meeting security options

2. The Participants icon reveals the participant window.

As the host you will have an expanded set of capabilities, such as:

  • Removing participants
  • Muting / unmuting participants
  • Delegating co-hosts to help out during the meeting.

For more information see the help article: Managing participants in a meeting


3. The Share Screen icon comes with an advanced set of controls that are available to the host

o access these controls click the  icon next to the Share Screen button. 

These settings include:

  • Toggling screen sharing for all participants. 
  • Controlling how many participants can share their screen at a time.
  • Delegating who can share their screen while someone else is sharing. 


4. The Record icon starts a local recording of the meeting that will be saved to your device.

The local recording functionality within Zoom is extensive. So we encourage you to explore Zoom’s Local Recording help page. 

Specific to SFU’s implementation, participants will receive an audio notification and be prompted with the following message when a recording has begun: 

Also note that the host (or co-host) of a meeting is responsible for informing participants about the privacy and security considerations related to recording. 

For help with this see our page outlining Privacy and Security considerations (and FAQs) regarding recording at

Instructors are also responsible for the management of recorded lecture material.

Instructor guidelines on recorded lectures, can be found at

For additional help on uploading recorded lectures to our Learning Management Systems see the following resources:

5. The Breakout Rooms icon starts a series of breakout sessions for the meeting. 

This will split your participants in to their own private instances of the meeting for smaller discussions.

For more information see the help article: Managing breakout rooms