Live streaming a meeting or webinar

NOTE: Live streaming is for public events only

Classes or internal events at SFU are NOT eligible for live streaming. Public events refers to events including non-SFU members, such as Convocation, and StreetFest. 

General Considerations

Zoom offers the ability to live-stream a meeting or a webinar on third-party applications. This feature is useful when Zoom meeting/webinar public events have audiences larger than the current limit of 300 participants. You are being asked to submit this request form to access live-streaming features. This request is at the discretion of an account holder or requestor producing the event. Any questions regarding technical setup or event access for participants should be directed to the account holder producing the event. 

Please note that the SFU Zoom support team currently does not recommend using a third-party application (e.g., YouTube Live and Facebook Live) for live streaming any event. We prioritize all faculty, staff, and students' security and privacy and meet our privacy obligations under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). More information is available here

Alternatively, IT Services have provided Event Recording and Webcasting services for the SFU community for internal events. Zoom large meeting or Webinar licenses can also be offered at capacities of 500 and 1000 participants.

Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before requesting and using the live streaming feature. Your access to and use of the service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these terms. 

  1. Your Zoom session must be a public event. Your event should be a public presentation, ceremony, performance or sports at which the individual voluntarily appears in compliance with FIPPA Section 33.1 (1)(q). A guest lecture or seminar which possibly happens in a classroom would not constitute a public event.

  2. Your participants who join a Zoom session must consent to the SFU Zoom privacy consent form:

  3. You must inform your participants that the event is being live-streamed and recorded on a third-party application. Livestreaming on a third-party application will result in the recording being stored and disclosed to a foreign jurisdiction where FIPPA will not apply.  

  4. You must be aware of restrictions that apply to your Zoom account.

    The live stream disclaimer as a notification will always appear at the start of all meetings hosted by your account, even if your event is not being live-streamed. We suggest providing a role account, not a personal account. If you need to create a Sponsored Computing ID, please submit your request here.

    - This service is operated on a self-service basis. IT Services can provide instructions on how to use this live streaming feature. However, there won’t be any technical support related to the setting up of a third-party application account. You can contact Meeting, Event and Conference Services(MECS) for further assistance. 

To download the live streaming instruction:

* Zoom-Youtube streaming.pdf
Live streaming to YouTube
* Zoom-Facebook streaming.pdf
Live streaming to Facebook Live

Consent form

I UNDERSTAND that as an event organizer, I have the legal authority to collect the personal information in the form of a recording and a live stream. I also understand that the personal data from event participants disclose to a third-party application is stored on a server outside of Canada. Storage of participants' data outside Canada means the information resides in a foreign jurisdiction and will be subject to that jurisdiction’s laws. I identify and mitigate any risks to the personal data and find an alternative for those participants who exercise their legal right not to consent. 

For live-streaming access

Will be granted permission to live stream Zoom sessions on third-party applications. 

Event Assistance
MECS Order if applicable
By checking this box I understand and accept this statement