SFU Zoom features


  • Video and/or audio meetings by computer or phone.
  • Screen sharing with annotation. 
  • Virtual whiteboard and other collaboration tools. 
  • Integration with popular calendar applications such as Outlook

Zoom account differences at SFU

At SFU your Zoom account will have different features unlocked depending on your role. These features are meant to promote the safety and security of all Zoom meetings being held at the University. Please see our Zoom Privacy & Security page for more information. 


Faculty & Staff 

Students & Sponsored Accounts

Option for Waiting Room 

Require a password for meetings

Chat, Polling, Screen sharing, Annotation, Whiteboard, Breakout Room

Local recording

Cloud recording

Participants join before host

Allow removed participants to rejoin

Remote control

Feature differences between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar

What's Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar?

  Zoom Meeting Zoom Webinar
Video sharing All participants Host and panelists
View only participants x
Q&A x
Waiting room x
Breakout room x
Practice session x
Participant list Visible to all participants Visible to host and panelists