Zoom Meeting vs Webinar

Major differences

  • Meeting: every participant can chat via audio and video.
  • Webinar: Attendees, except the host and panelists, are view-only, but can be unmuted if the host gives permission. 

Zoom Meeting 

Available to

All students, faculty, and staff for collaborative meetings ≤ 300 participants

Recommended for
When all participants (≤ 300) are encouraged to chat via audio and video, and share their screens, for example:

  • Braintorming meetings
  • Tutorials, where group discussions is encouraged
  • Student project team meetings

Zoom Webinar 

Limited to

Faculty, and staff upon request for large classes or events with 300-500 participants

Recommended for 
Events or classes with 300-500 participants, where the host and panelists prefer more control over the audience. It allows view-only attendees to minimize interuptions. Attendees can interact via Q&A, chat and polling.

  • Classes or events < 500 participants
  • Large virtual activities with view-only attendees
  • Events involving panelists

Exceeding the participant capacity?

Large Zoom Meeting (>300 participants), or large Zoom Webinar (>500 participants) can be enabled upon request.

Feature comparison


Zoom Meeting

Zoom Webinar

Available to Faculty, Staff
& Students
Faculty & Staff
(Request needed)
Audience Capacity < 300 < 500

Chat Message

Online Teaching

Video Recording

Host & Co-Host option


Downloading videos

Q & A

Breakout rooms

Waiting rooms