Zoom Meeting vs Webinar

Major differences

  • Meeting: every participant can chat via audio and video.
  • Webinar: Attendees, except the host and panelists, are view-only, but can be unmuted if the host gives permission. 

Zoom Meeting 

Available to 

All students, faculty, and staff for collaborative meetings ≤ 300 participants

Recommended for

When all participants (≤ 300) are encouraged to chat via audio and video, and share their screens, for example:

  • Braintorming meetings
  • Tutorials, where group discussions is encouraged
  • Student project team meetings

Zoom Webinar 

Limited to

Faculty, and staff upon request for large classes or events with up to 1000 participants

Recommended for 
Events or classes with more than 300 participants, where the host and panelists prefer more control over the audience. It allows view-only attendees to minimize interuptions. Attendees can interact via Q&A, chat and polling.

  • Classes or events < 1000 participants
  • Large virtual activities with view-only attendees
  • Events involving panelists

Exceeding the participant capacity?

Large Zoom Meeting (up to 500 participants), or large Zoom Webinar (up to 1000 participants) can be enabled upon request.

Feature comparison


Zoom Meeting

Zoom Webinar

Available to Faculty, Staff
& Students
Faculty & Staff
(Request needed)
Audience Capacity < 300 < 1000

Chat Message

Online Teaching

Video Recording

Host & Co-Host option


Downloading videos

Q & A

Breakout rooms

Waiting rooms