Scholars at Risk

SFU's commitment to academic freedom is global. One of the ways we uphold this commitment is through our membership to Scholars at Risk. The Scholars at Risk (SAR) mission is to protect scholars and promote academic freedom. Through SAR, SFU offers temporary academic positions to scholars facing grave threats such as imprisonment or being silenced in their home countries. Scholars interested in applying to the program can visit

Since joining SAR in 2017, SFU International has received resounding support and interest across our academic faculties, which — along with crucial funding from SFU administration — has allowed us to launch the program at record speed.

SFU's first SAR scholar, Hanadi Ibrahim, arrived in February 2018 and has a one year Visiting Faculty post in the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science. Dr. Ibrahim graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Damascus and has completed a Master’s and PhD degree in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Paris Sud. She worked on developing analytical methods for lipids detection for biomarker discovery. She also studied the physicochemical properties of new potential drugs for photodynamic therapy of cancer. She gained expertise in chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques and mass spectrometry. At SFU, she is searching new catalytic properties of DNA for synthetic applications.


Presentation by Jeff Derksen and Shaheen Nanji at SAR Summit on North American Higher Education Internationalization and the Role of Visiting Scholars. Watch here.

SAR Canada Steering Committee in the Globe and Mail, "Scholars are at risk all around the world – and Canada needs to lead."

SFU President Andrew Petter on how SFU’s engagement supports newcomers and refugees in Petter's Perspective.