International Development

International Development Contract and Project Services

The International Community Engagement office has more than 30 years of experience in developing and deepening relationships with international communities and stakeholders at home and abroad.

We mobilize SFU research and expertise to support the University’s involvement in international development contracts and projects, including:

  • Identify and liaise with funders, government, NGO’s, private sector and community partners
  • Disseminate information through listservs, website and other media as appropriate
  • Provide advisory services to support faculty-driven project conceptualization, proposal writing, project management advice and identification of funding opportunities
  • Coordinate and engage faculty with interests in international development
  • Contribute to development of strategic areas in which SFU has considerable expertise and experience: entrepreneurship/innovation, health, sustainable development, diaspora engagement, environment and capacity building
  • Provide implementation services for international development projects
  • Act as university liaison with funding agencies and other development agencies and associations
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration across disciplines through faculty involvement in international development projects

View the list of our current and past projects here.

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You can search for international development project opportunities in SFU's Office of Research Services Funding Opportunities Database by selecting "international development" as the topic.

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Watch the video from our International Development Week 2019 event here.


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