Developing a Partnership and Project

If you are organizing an international activity on behalf of the university, please review the University Policy on International Activities.  The policy applies to all international activities undertaken in the University's name except where explicitly excepted, such as research activities requiring the approval of the Vice-President, Research. Examples of international activities to which the Policy applies, include:

  • cooperation agreements between institutions
  • university arrangements governing graduate and undergraduate student exchanges, study abroad opportunities for domestic students (including field schools) and non-credit international study tours
  • study abroad opportunities for international students coming to SFU
  • education and training programs for international clients, including English language training provided outside of ongoing approved programs such as the English Language and Culture Program
  • arrangements for the delivery, sale or licensing outside Canada of the University's credit and non-credit courses, and degree completion programs
  • international service contracts
  • international development assistance projects
  • international development projects funded by the International Development Research Centre
  • commercial, joint-venture partnerships that use the University's resources or that trade on the University's name and reputation

SFU International is please to work with SFU faculty and staff to development partnerships and projects. Please contact

All of the above listed activities normally require approval by the Senate Committee for International Activities (SCIA)*. To submit a proposal for approval by SCIA, or to inquire if SCIA approval is required, e-mail  For more information, please visit the SCIA website.