Senate Committee on International Activities: Proposal Procedures

Unless otherwise indicated in the University Policy on International Activities (GP 23), all International activities that are proposed in the name of the University must be submitted to SCIA for review. This includes affiliations with other organizations/institutions (ex. an institutional MOU with another university), and international activities (ex. a field school program abroad). Affiliations may be formalized through a number of legal tools as indicated in the table below. Where Senate or the Board of Governors approval is required, such approval must also be obtained before the proposed activities can begin. 

Before submitting your proposal to the SCIA Secretariat, please connect with the appropriate regional director regarding your proposed activity. 

Carol Zachs
Director, Global Engagement
Europe, Americas, South Pacific
International Research Mobility

Shaheen Nanji
Director, Global Engagement
Africa & Middle East
Sustainable Development, Global Networks
Refugee and Newcomer Program

Yusuf Varachia
Director, Global Engagement
APAIE 2020, Visiting Scholars

Submission Deadlines:

Completed proposals must be submitted to by the due date (see SCIA web page for annual list of deadline and meeting dates). Incomplete submissions will be returned to the author and not considered by SCIA until complete.

Completed proposals submitted after the deadline date, but prior to the SCIA monthly meeting will not be considered.  The SCIA Chair may determine that extenuating circumstances warrant waiving the deadline. 

Documentation Requirements:

A document submission form is required for all proposals as are all signatures as indicated in the final page of the form.

Please contact SFU International for assistance in completing these forms at

If you are unsure whether the proposal requires SCIA approval, please contact

Agreement Templates
SFU International has templates for the following types of agreements.



Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

A non-binding expression of intent to collaborate. An MOU is used when University as a whole is seeking the collaboration.

Letter of Intent (LOI)

A non-binding expression of intent to collaborate. An LOI is used when a specific unit or faculty is seeking the collaboration.

Student Mobility Agreement (SMA)

A binding agreement that sets out of the terms of engagement to send and receive students to complete a learning experience (includes exchange, study abroad, coop, research and practicum placements)

2 + 2 Agreement

A binding agreement that sets out the terms of collaboration for receiving fee-paying students as transfer students into third year to complete an SFU undergraduate degree. 

Joint/Dual Degree Agreement

A binding agreement that sets out the terms of collaboration for collaborating with another institution in the delivery of a joint or a dual degree.

International Professional Services Agreement

A binding agreement outlining the contractual obligations between SFU or a unit of SFU and a service provider abroad for the purpose of completing an international activity.  

Study Abroad Agreement

A binding agreement that sets out of the terms of engagement to send OR receive students to complete a learning experience. These agreements are used to formalize unidirectional student mobility arrangements (typically fee-paying).

For more information, please contact the Director of International Partnerships and Protocol at

Senate Committee on International Activities

Updated on April 2014