Initiating a Partnership with SFU

Simon Fraser University has strategic partnership agreements with educational institutions and organizations around the globe.  Formal partnership agreements are developed for a variety of activities such as English language training, academic exchanges, development projects, research collaborations, joint programs, and the like.

Institutions or organizations that are interested in establishing a new partnership with SFU should send an email to with the following information:

  • the full name of your institution
  • the city, province/state, and country in which your institution is located (if your institution has multiple campuses please indicate the main/central campus)
  • your name and your role at your institution
  • the nature of the proposed partnership (i.e. in which academic areas and in what types of programs/activities do you hope to collaborate with SFU)
  • any additional information you feel will be helpful (e.g. a link to a list of your current international partners, ranking/accreditation information, any informal linkages or collaborations currently underway between your institution and SFU, etc.)

A response to your inquiry will be coordinated with the appropriate units at SFU.