ARCH 321 Ancient Latin America

GEOG 322W World Resources

HIST 104 The Americas: From Colonization to Independence 

IS 210 Comparative World Politics

IS 419/802 Political Economy of Development

IS 435 Theories of Latin American Development

SA 430 States, Cultures and Global Transitions (Put yourself on the waitlist. Priority enrollment for SA students.  Dr. Yildiz Atasoy will do her best to get you into the course.)

HSCI 823 Health, Gender and Development

FALL 2016

HIST 459W Special Topics: Latin American Drug Wars

IS 419 D200 Special Topics: Social Movements in the Global South

IS 435 D100/WL 410 Special Topics: Latin American Literature

IS 435 D200 Special Topics: Social and Political Change in Latin America

SA 429 Sex, Work and International Capital