Joseph Aris

BA 2017
LL.M. (University of Edinburgh)

Foreign Service Officer
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada


At the time of writing, Joseph is a brand new Foreign Service Officer and is looking forward to beginning his rotational career shortly in a currently undetermined embassy overseas. Prior to joining the School for International Studies at Simon Fraser University, Joseph served as an infantry reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces with the Royal Westminster Regiment.

Throughout his BA, Joseph took advantage of the range of courses offered by the School for International Studies, and found particular interest in security and conflict related courses. He greatly enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of the IS program, and was especially drawn to anthropology and sociology as a lens in which to understand and analyze developments at the local, regional and international level. He greatly values his time spent in small-sized classes having difficult but critical discussions with classmates and professors on a range of international issues.

In addition to his courses, Joseph completed a number of full-time internships spanning 20 months in total at the Mexican Consulate General in Vancouver, Global Affairs Canada's Trade Commissioner Service in Vancouver, and the Embassy of Canada to Thailand in Bangkok.

After graduating from the School for International Studies, Joseph obtained his LL.M in International Law from the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom, with a dissertation titled "Evaluating Legitimate Expectations: Demarcating the Limits of State Deference and Regulatory Measures in the Renewable Energy Sector". After obtaining his LL.M, Joseph worked as a legal clerk at an international commercial arbitration center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before being selected into the Foreign Service with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. 

Aske Nørby Bonde

BA (Hon) 2013

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark


Aske Nørby Bonde graduated with a BA Honours in International Studies in 2013. During his studies, he was actively involved in student life and served as Secretary General of SFU’s own Model United Nations club and conference. Extracurricular activities complemented his courses as learning opportunities and were also a great way to make new friends. As an international student, the welcoming attitude of classmates and staff quickly made him feel at home in a friendly and encouraging learning environment. According to Aske, questions were critically approached from different angles in the interdisciplinary IS programme, fundamentally challenging and enriching his preconceived ideas of society. He describes the programme as academically demanding but also incredibly flexible with every semester providing the opportunity to choose between courses, internships, exchanges and field school.

Shortly after finishing his BA in IS, Aske did a Master’s degree in Development Studies at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. He felt particularly well prepared for the Master’s degree, being familiar with central concepts in subjects such as international relations, economics, and sociology from his studies at SFU. After graduation, he chose to dedicate a year to attempt to learn Arabic in Jordan while doing short-term consultancies for a UN agency. He subsequently worked at the Foreign Service of the European Union in Brussels. Since 2019, Aske has worked as a diplomat for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark where he says he continuously benefits from the global outlook and critical reflections promoted at SFU’s School for International Studies.