Atul Menon

BA (Hon) 2015

Senior Manager, Country Risk Intelligence
Royal Bank of Canada


Atul completed his honours degree in international studies in 2015, with a concentration in security and conflict. He currently works at the Royal Bank of Canada in Toronto as a Senior Manager, Country Risk Intelligence. At RBC, Atul is in the process of establishing a Country Risk practice that deals with the bank’s global exposure to geo-political risks and to risks posed by financial crimes (e.g. sanctions evasion, terrorist-financing, etc.). Prior to RBC, Atul worked at Scotiabank as a Manager, Country and Industry Risk Analysis (Global Risk Management). His role at Scotiabank encompassed multiple projects, which included helping to elevate the risk insights and analysis produced by GRM, supporting the credit officers in adapting and enhancing industry risk reports, and building the bank’s capacity to deal with climate change related trends in the financial space. Atul holds a Master of Global Affairs from the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto.

According to Atul, his undergraduate experiences at the School for International Studies had many lasting benefits: “SIS had a profound impact on my personal, professional, and intellectual growth. I can unequivocally credit the IS department (including its wonderful staff, professors & students) with two very important things: encouraging a genuine hunger for knowledge (in all its complexity) and fostering a strong foundation in critical thinking. I could never imagine going elsewhere. The atmosphere at SIS welcomed some of the brightest students I have had the pleasure of knowing, many of whom remain my close friends to this day. The department provided a range of opportunities that brought out the best in me – from getting involved in the ISSA and working with the Canadian Journal for Development Studies, to holding research assistantships and writing an honours thesis. Choosing SFU-SIS is the single most important academic decision I have made. My advice for students is to take the opportunity to immerse themselves completely in the social and intellectual aspects of the SIS experience.”