Program Requirements

All International Studies undergraduate students take a series of core international studies courses and then choose from one of three specialized concentrations of study. The following programs are available: Major, MinorHonours and Joint Major with World Literature.

International Security and Conflict  

This concentration includes studies of international politics including the causes, patterns and consequences of wars within and between states, of terrorism, and of the possible ways of resolving conflicts and building peace and security.

Comparative World Politics, Culture and Society  

Those who specialize in this concentration take courses about the sociology and politics of different regions of the world, and on important themes such as religion and politics, nationalism and transnationalism, and the patterns of democratization and authoritarian rule around the world.

International Development, Economic and Environmental Issues  

In this concentration students study the causes and consequences of the disparities in wealth and poverty, the ways in which the global economy works, development strategies and policies, and the environmental problems that are such a significant feature of our world.