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Applications for Venture Prize 2020 are now closed. 

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Applicants should first read through the rules for information on applications, competition details, presentations, and judging criteria.

Step 2: Fill out Application Form

Deadline to apply is Monday, February 17 at 11:59pm.

For more information or questions, please contact

Eligible teams are required to complete and submit the Venture Prize Application form prior to the application deadline.

Application Forms must:

  • Be complete and accurate
  • Include an Executive Summary
  • Include a One-Pager
  • Include your Company Logo (Vector format preferred, .png or .jpg accepted)

Applications that are submitted incorrectly will not be considered for the competition.

Step 3: Preliminary Round

The purpose of the Preliminary Round entry is to test the “fitness” of your Venture against a jury of experienced mentors and advisors.

Your entry will be judged primarily according to the following six criteria (Idea Prize Participants will be judged on the first five of these criteria only). Each of the six criteria will be judged on a scale of 1 to 5. Points are awarded on the basis of the clarity and credibility of your submission.

  1. Concept – Clear, concise description of promising business concept
  2. Individual/team – Expertise and ability to execute
  3. Market – A clear explanation of market need
  4. Approach - Why this approach will be sustainable
  5. Presentation – Quality and execution of the pitch
  6. Business results to date – if any

Based on the jury’s feedback the Idea Prize, Female Founder Prize, Alumni Founder Prize and Social Impact Prize winners will be chosen (but not announced until the final awards ceremony) and up to 6 Participants will be selected to advance to the Venture Prize Final Round of the Competition.

The Participants advancing to the Final Round will be announced no later than Monday, March 23.


Applicants are assigned to compete in 1 of 2 Streams

  • Venture Prize Stream - for start-ups that are further out in their venture development
  • Idea Stream - for innovative ideas that are ready for a kick-start

Winners of both streams will be announced at the awards ceremony and reception (tentative date).

Step 4: Final Round

This final competition round evaluates two core attributes of the finalists:

1.     Concept – Clear, concise description of promising business concept
2.     Individual/team – Expertise and ability to execute

The Judges will use the following material to make their decisions:

A)    Presentation (10 minutes) - this needs to clearly articulate the following:

  • Clear Concept description, including initial value proposition and revenue model
  • Timeline from first thought to present
  • Challenges faced and dealt with / Lessons learned
  • Personal / Team Achievement
  • Plans for the future

B)    Executive Summary – See Application Form.


The 2020 Prize Page will be frequently updated to reflect the prizing structure.


The Venture Connection Resources page is a great place to start for resources on entrepreneurship, including writing company descriptions and preparing your pitch.



Get the latest news on Venture Connection - from venture success stories to events and more!