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Perpetuation (2006) original acrylic on paper 20

Perpetuation (2006)

The IPinCH project aims to foster synergies and the story of our logo, titled Perpetuation, is no exception. The stunning work of Coast Salish artist and graduate student lessLIE was a logical choice, not only because of the look and the integrity of his artwork, but because IP and cultural heritage are integral to lessLIE's own artistic, activist and academic interests. LessLIE generously agreed to the non-commercial use of his image Perpetuation as the official IPinCH logo. He also joined IPinCH as an associate. 

Artist's Statement: "In the spirit of spindle whorls, this circular Coast Salish design depicts two spawning salmon in a red, perpetual circle. It is significant that I've begun this ARTiculation with the words, 'In the spirit of spindle whorls,' which I've begun many previous ARTiculations with. The reason for this is that the designs were created in the spirit of spindle whorls, and are not really spindle whorl designs, per se. As a contemporary Coast Salish artist concerned with perpetuating my artistic legacy with integrity, I believe it is vital to reflect my culture as it is today, not as it romantically 'once was.' This is partially out of the conviction that cultures change, and the art forms within those cultures need to reflect that cultural reality. As a contemporary Coast Salish artist, and with a bit of an iconoclastic spirit, I believe that spindle whorls are mostly obsolete, and reflect my culture as it romantically 'once was.' Since cultures change through acculturation and colonialism, I believe I need to reflect my culture as it is today. Hence some of the contemporary graphic influences in this work" - lessLIE

Photo of lessLIE by Sarah Stein, courtesy of Alcheringa Gallery.

lessLIE (Leslie Robert Sam) is from Duncan, B.C., on Vancouver Island. His decolonized artist's name "lessLIE" is both an expression of his artistic inspiration and part of his political activism. He quotes Picasso as saying "art is a lie that tells the truth." In the spirit of Trickster traditions, lessLIe is living this perspective of Picasso. lessLIE began to study Coast Salish art in 1995, initially inspired by his cousin Joe Wilson and later by a number of other Coast Salish artists including Susan Point. lessLIE has a Bachelor of Arts degree in First Nations Studies from Vancouver Island University (Nanaimo, BC) and is currently working on a Master of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Victoria (Victoria, BC), with a focus on Coast Salish art. As a component of this graduate degree, he has also worked at Thunderbird Park Carving Studio. His work is featured at the Alcheringa Gallery in Victoria.