George Nicholas Discusses IPinCH on Radio Show "Ideas and Issues"

Apr 17, 2013


In this episode of CJSF Radio's Ideas and Issues program, George Nicholas spoke with Katina Danabassis on the about how the project came to be, and introduced the issues, the people and the methods that make up IPinCH.

As Katina says, “Intellectual property rights issues are a hot button topic these days, with patent disputes, pirating, file sharing and unlocking of digital products dominating much of the conversation in the media. However, IP issues are also an important area of concern for Indigenous peoples. One project that is garnering international attention and acclaim is called Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage, also known as IPinCH. This project is a unique academic initiative that is globally based – it combines academics, Indigenous peoples and policy-makers around the world to identify issues that pertain to cultural heritage.” 

Total play time: 18:57