Veselin Jungic, Deputy Director

Veselin Jungic

As one of the Deputy Director's for the IRMACS Centre, Dr. Jungic is involved in the day-to-day running of the Centre, as well as in the short and long-term planning of the Centre's activities. His main responsibilities include providing support to research projects hosted by the IRMACS Centre, showcasing research from within the Centre as well as externally, and overseeing the planning, organizing, and coordinating of the many seminars and research related conferences organized or hosted by the Centre.

Research Interest

Most of Dr. Veselin Jungic's work is within Ramsey theory and the field of mathematics education. Ramsey theory can be described as the study of unavoidable regularity in large structures. In the words of T. Motzkin, "complete disorder is impossible". Together with J. Fox, M. Mehdian, R. Radoicic, and J. Nesetril, Dr. Jungic started a new trend, which can be categorized as rainbow Ramsey theory. He is interested in the existence of rainbow/hetero-chromatic structures in a colored universe, under certain density conditions on the coloring. The general goal is to show that complete disorder is unavoidable as well. Dr. Jungic's interests in the field of mathematical education include the use and creation of online assessment tools and techniques in teaching large math classes. The math outreach programs that Dr. Jungic has created or co-created include: Math Catcher: Mathematics Through Aboriginal Storytelling, A Taste of Pi, and the joint Native Education College and Simon Fraser University math tutoring volunteer program.

Dr. Jungic is a recipient of the SFU Excellence in Teaching Award, the PIMS Education Prize, the Canadian Math Society Excellence in Teaching Award, and a winner of the 2015 3M Teaching Fellowship.

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