Stephanie Craig, PhD



Stephanie is a Postdoctoal Fellow at the Institute for the Reduction of Youth Violence (SFU; Director: Robert McMahon) and the LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research (York University; Director: Debra Pepler). She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from SFU under the supervision of Dr. Marlene Moretti, completing her clinical internship at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario. Her research focuses on understanding the development and treatment of children and youth with behaviour problems (e.g., Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder). Specifically she aims to examine pathways for those at the highest risk of severe behaviour problems and negative adult outcomes.   

Representative Publications

Craig, S.G., & Moretti, M.M. (2018). Distinguishing between Primary and Secondary Callous-Unemotional Features in Youth: The Role of Emotion Regulation. Manuscript accepted to Development and Psychopathology.

Craig, S. G., Weiss, M. D., Hudec, K. L., & Gibbons, C. (2017). The Functional Impact of Sleep Disorders in Children With ADHD. Journal of Attention Disorders, Advanced online publication

Craig, S. G., Davies, G., Schibuk, L., Weiss, M. D., & Hechtman, L. (2015) Long-Term Effects of Stimulant Treatment for ADHD: What Can We Tell Our Patients? Current Developmental Disorders Reports, 2, 1-9

Moretti, M., Osbuth, I., Craig, S.G., & Bartolo, T. (2015). An Attachment-Based Intervention for Parents of Adolescents at Risk: Mechanisms of Change. Attachment & Human Development, 24, 1-35,

Moretti, M. M., Bartolo, T., Craig, S.G., Slaney, K., & Odgers, C. (2014). Gender and the transmission of risk: A prospective study of adolescent girls exposed to maternal versus paternal interparental violence. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 24, 80-92.

Moretti, M.M., and Craig, S.G. (2013) Maternal versus paternal physical and emotional abuse, affect regulation and risk for depression from adolescence to early adulthood. Child abuse & neglect 37, 4-13,