Kanthi Jayasundera

New Ways of Teaching, New Ways of Learning: Supporting Learning in Online Environments
Workshop facilitator and proposal coach
(Summer 2020 - Spring 2021)




Kanthi is a Program Director at the Curriculum and Instruction Division at SFU's Centre for Educational Excellence (CEE). She has been at SFU for over fifteen years, working with SFU faculty designing courses and programs for technology enabled teaching and learning. She has a multi-disciplinary background with a PhD in Curriculum and Instructions, a Master’s in Education Planning and Management and a BSc in Science. Kanthi has extensive experience both as an administrator and a scholar practitioner, which has enabled her to explore new approaches to teaching and learning with different lenses such as policies and strategies; curriculum mapping and program evaluation. Kanthi is passionate about exploring new technologies that could enhance classroom learning and teaching and evaluating the impact using inquiry based research approach.