Dewey Fellowship Program

The Dewey Fellowship is named after John Dewey (1859-1952), a psychologist and educational reformer who is particularly linked to the notion of democratizing education and learning through experience and experimentation.

ISTLD Dewey Fellows are continuing faculty members at SFU who have demonstrated their interest and commitment to the investigation of teaching and learning through the successful conduct of at least one ISTLD-funded grant and through other activities within their departments and faculties. They have developed particular expertise in the investigation of innovative course designs and instructional methods that support student learning in their discipline. Dewey Fellows are invited to work with the ISTLD for a one-year term during which they contribute to ISTLD programs and also conduct teaching and learning research that goes beyond their own practice.

Consistent with the mandate of the Institute to “inspire, support and enhance faculty-led inquiry into all aspects of teaching and learning at SFU,” Dewey Fellows undertake the conduct of a research project that goes beyond their own practice. Specifically, Dewey Fellows design and implement teaching and learning research that includes other faculty colleagues as co-investigators. Dewey Fellows also take part in the day-to-day work of the ISTLD in ways that interest them (e.g., facilitating workshops, providing consultation on TLDG projects, advice on strategic planning).


Dewey Fellowship applicants must hold a continuing faculty appointment (lecture or tenure track) at Simon Fraser University and have been an applicant on at least one ISTLD-funded grant project.

Fellowship Award

  • Two course releases (up to $20,000) – upon department/school approval
  • $5000 funding to support the research project as outlined in the proposal
  • Up to $1200 for conference travel to disseminate the project’s findings
  • Mentoring from ISTLD team
  • Assistance with data collection instruments and design, literature review, research assistant hiring, administrative support and grant facilitation

Fellowship Term Duration

Dewey Fellowship appointments will be held for 12 months


  • Gain department/school approval to participate in the ISTLD Dewey Fellowship Program
  • Work with the ISTLD team to develop a research plan
  • Conduct their research
  • Attend regular ISTLD team meetings (1 per month)
  • Share their project’s findings with the university community
  • Develop their capacity for teaching and learning inquiry and the ability to mentor others
  • Complete a final report outlining the project’s findings

How to apply

To apply, please download and complete the ISTLD Dewey Fellowship form (found here) and email it as an attachment to by December 16, 2019.

Your application should include (as outlined on the application form):

Statement of interest (maximum 1000 words) – include why you are interested in being a Dewey Fellow and working with the ISTLD, outline your background in teaching and learning inquiry, identify the aspects of the ISTLD would you like to be involved with, summarize your commitment to teaching and learning within department or faculty

Project proposal (maximum 750 words) – Your project idea should be different from your previous ISTLD project(s) or be a logical next step in investigating the same topic with a larger number of student/faculty participants, and perhaps using additional data sources. In addition, project proposals should:

  • Demonstrate the expected impact on student learning at Simon Fraser University
  • Describe how the project would go beyond their own practice
  • Identify potential collaborators and how you will work with them

Evaluation Criteria

  • Commitment to engage in teaching and learning inquiry beyond own practice
  • Potential for improving student learning at Simon Fraser University
  • Potential of the project to inform and/or influence practice or policy related to teaching and learning broadly at SFU.

Timelines and Important Dates

October – December 16, 2019

Application submissions

December 16, 2019

Application deadline

December 2019

Application review and evaluation

January 2019

Successful applicants notified

January - February 2019

Successful applicants seek final approval from departments/schools and Dean

Spring 2019

Official announcement to university community