An In-depth Exploration of Instructors’ Experiences with Flipped Classroom Design, Implementation and Evaluation with and without TLDG Support

Grant recipient: Birgit Schwarz, ISTLD

Project team: Andrea Sator and Aynsley Pescitelli, research assistants

Timeframe: May 2017 to February 2019

Funding: $6000

Description: I want to investigate the experiences of SFU instructors with flipped classrooms, with a detailed look at the rationale and implementation process. In conjunction with this, I intend to explore the effect of the TLDG program on instructors’ experiences with the design, implementation and/or evaluation of flipped classes.

Ultimately, I see this research as addressing two components: evaluating the impact of the TLDG within a specific setting (a particular teaching approach), and exploring instructors’ experiences with the development, implementation and evaluation process of a flipped class on a detailed level. I am aiming to use the latter to identify some of the challenges, opportunities, tips and solutions and resulting recommendations. Identifying successful strategies and providing instructors with adequate information, support and resources should help to increase the number of successfully flipped classes. This will ultimately benefit student learning through an increase in engagement and well-designed active learning opportunities.

Questions addressed:

  • What inspired instructors to implement flipped classes, what was their rationale and what resources did they use to design them?
  • How do instructors flip and evaluate the flip?
  • What did instructors learn from the process? What challenges did they face? What worked well and what did not?
  • To what extent did instructors connect with other instructors?
  • Are there any systematic differences between Grant and Non-Grant holders in the design, implementation and evaluation processes or in the way they connected with other instructors?
  • What recommendations can be derived from the instructors’ experiences?
  • What kind of resources would be helpful for instructors at SFU (and possibly beyond)?

Knowledge sharing: I will discuss the ongoing project and results with members of the ISTLD team. I also plan to present my project at the SFU Postdoctoral Research Day and any ISTLD or TLC symposia if appropriate.

Schwarz, B. & Sator, A. (2018, June). An in-depth exploration of instructors’ experiences with flipped classroom design, implementation and evaluation with and without grant support. Poster presented at the 38th Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) Annual Conference, Sherbrooke, QC.