Teaching Auditing Concepts Through Stories, Metaphors, and Narrative

Grant program: Teaching and Learning Development Grants (TLDG)

Project team: Anne Macdonald, Beedie School of Business

Support provided: Development of proposal, transcription costs, RA time for data analysis

Description: Change of the teaching approach in a fourth-year auditing course from a content-focused, explanatory, lecture-tutorial method to a more student-centred approach consisting of (1) stories (referred to as discussion cases in class), (2) images (as visual metaphors for the content), (3) case presentations in teams, (4) peer evaluation of presentations, and (5) case-analysis write-ups. Data collected focused on student feedback of effectiveness (survey and focus groups) and challenges and successes recorded by the instructor.


  1. From a student point of view: How did each of these strategies support the student learning experience in general and as specific to identified audit concepts?
  2. From the instructor point of view: What were the challenges and successes in revising the course in this way?

Knowledge sharing:

Venkatachary, R., & Macdonald, A. (2009, July). Telling tales for higher order student engagement in auditing concepts. Presentation at the 34th Improving University Teaching Conference, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC.