Tracking Student Progress on Learning Attributes for Outcome-based Education (OBE)

Grant program: Teaching and Learning Development Grant (TLDG)

Grant recipient: Krishna Vijayaraghavan, Mechatronic Systems Engineering

Project teamSasan Ebrahimi and Babak Ghorbani, research assistants

Timeframe: July 2017 to June 2018

Funding: $6000

Final report: View Krishna Vijayaraghavan's final report (PDF)

Description: Mechatronics and Engineering Science (MSE) are moving to outcome-based education (OBE) owing to accreditation requirement set by Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB). A brief overview of OBE can be found at Broadly speaking, OBE requires that the learning outcomes for courses be clearly stated and student progress on graduate attributes be tracked and reported. A previously funded TLDG project by Drs. Sparrey & Hindy (View Drs. Sparrey & Hindy’s project) explored OBE implementation in detail and identified a total 75 indicators that would be reported across the program with each course reporting outcomes on 5-6 indicators. The TLDG project by Dr. Sjoerdsma (View Dr. Sjoerdsma’s project) developed a system for faculty members to input/select outcome maps for their respective courses. MSE aims to track the indicators on a scale “Fails expectation”, “Below expectation”, “Meets expectation”, “Above expectation” and “Exceeds expectation”. My TLDG project is a continuation of these previous projects and it would implement the core feature of actually tracking the per-course and program wide student outcome metrics.

Knowledge sharing: A written summary will be provided to MSE and the finding will also be presented in a departmental faculty meeting.

Keywords: Outcome-based education (OBE); Course outcome storage; Outcome tracking for CEAB accreditation; Canvas integration; CAS authentication; Web server; Mysql database