Exploration of Methodology to Deliver an Undergraduate Course in Public Policy Analysis

Grant program: Teaching and Learning Development Grant (TLDG)

Grant recipient: Nancy Olewiler, School of Public Policy

Project team: Olena Hankivsky, School of Public Policy, Hope Caldi and Yuen Hang Lee, research assistants

Timeframe: April 2016 to July 2017

Funding: $1593

Course addressed: Design and development of new undergraduate course(s) in public policy analysis

Final report: View Nancy Olewiler's final report (PDF)

Description: The School of Public Policy is exploring the possibility of offering new undergraduate courses in public policy analysis open to any SFU undergraduate who has completed their lower division requirements. The grant is to support the design and development of the course, and if offered, its evaluation. I want to explore different pedagogies and delivery mechanisms suitable for undergraduate students. The steps involve meeting with SFU faculty in departments that offer policy-related courses or might be interested in seeing a course developed for their students, and researching other universities who have public policy schools to examine the undergraduate courses they offer, particularly the scope, pedagogy, and any innovative delivery approaches. We want to explore the best ways to engage with students and provide exposure to methodologies and issues that will be useful in their own disciplines.

Knowledge sharing: I will be continually updating my colleagues and the Associate Dean of FASS about progress on this initiative and seek their feedback on all aspects of the potential course.

Keywords: public policy; undergraduate; Public policy analysis; experiential learning; problem solving