Revisioning Music History Education

Grant program: Teaching and Learning Development Grant (TLDG)

Grant recipient: Arne Eigenfeldt, School for the Contemporary Arts

Project team: Deirdre Morgan and Jessica McMann, research assistants

Timeframe: January to September 2019

Funding: $5980

Course addressed: CA 140 – Music Since 1900

Description: This project investigates how we can reframe contemporary music practices for an increasingly diverse student body and better prepare students to participate in music practice within a global society. The course CA 140 – Music Since 1900 has historically been a survey of Western art music traditions and this project seeks to identify how principles of decolonization can be applied to both curriculum and pedagogy.

Questions addressed:

  • How have students who have previously taken the course responded to the content?
  • What feedback can teaching assistants who have previously worked on the course share about course content, delivery methods, assignments, and student feedback?
  • How will the newly-designed course fit within the goals and plans of the School of Contemporary Arts?

Knowledge sharing: Our team could present our findings internally during a faculty meeting in the School of Contemporary Arts, as well as to the wider SFU community by participating in a research symposium or conference at SFU. We are also considering sharing our findings at a conference, should an appropriate one arise within a reasonable timeframe.

Arne Eigenfeldt's ISTLD-funded projects

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Revisioning Music History Education