Development of an Instructional Pre-Lab Video to Better Prepare Students for Lab Microbiology Technique and for Review Purposes

Grant program: Teaching and Learning Development Grant (TLDG)

Grant recipient: Peter Hollman, Department of Biological Sciences

Project team: Kevin Lam, Department of Biological Sciences, and research assistant, TBD

Timeframe: February 2019 to July 2020

Funding: $6000

Course addressed: BISC 303 â€“ Microbiology

Description: I would like to create video of a pre-lab demonstration for the lab so that students have the possibility to prepare in advance as well as to review throughout the course.  Currently students only see lab demonstrations once in real-time at the beginning of the lab. The visibility and acoustics in the teaching lab are limited. In addition, some English as an additional language students may benefit from reviewing them at their own pace and could benefit from sub-titles that will be included.  

Questions addressed:

  • How do students generally prepare for lab?
  • How do they feel about their lab skills?
  • What are the students’ perspectives on how the videos impacted their lab and learning experience?
  • Does the video improve student lab technique?
  • Does use of the videos change student performance in the course?
  • How much time are students spending in the lab on equipment/tasks?
  • How are students actually using the videos?
  • How can the videos be improved?

Knowledge sharing: I would share videos that might be useful in other courses that might rely on similar techniques such as our undergraduate research course (BISC 212) and the 3rd year genetic engineering course (BISC 357) where students also apply aseptic technique in their projects. In addition, it is possible that students that work with aseptic technique in BPK 408 may benefit from the video. There may also be an interest from some that teach courses in MBB and FHS.