ISTLD is moving!

July 23, 2019

As part of the transition to being part of the AVP, LT's portfolio, the ISTLD is moving to the West Mall Complex to be closer to our new colleagues. We're excited about the move and to collaborate with the new team to support learning and teaching at SFU.

A big thank you the Big Data Hub for the fabulous space and support over the last few years. In particular, Seychelle Cushing and her wonderful ambassadors have been instrumental in making the ISTLD team feel welcome.

We will be moving officially, Monday, July 29th, and should be operational by the 30th. That being said, please be patient if our responses take longer than normal.

Our contact information stays the same. Our new office number is WMC 1340. Be sure to drop in and visit us!

For more information about the new Centre for Educational Excellence visit:

The ISTLD Team