ISTLD grant project highlights: February 2019

March 04, 2019

February saw the start of eight new ISTLD project, including two new Decolonizing Teaching Program projects. A theme through several projects seems to be experiential learning.

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New ISTLD Projects as of February 2019

Juan Pablo Alperin - ISTLD Dewey Fellowship / Publishing Program
Encouraging and Supporting Discussions Through Online Annotations

Paola Ardiles - Faculty of Health Sciences
Surrey CityLab: Using Academic-Community Partnerships to Advance Experiential Learning

Arne Eigenfeldt - School of Contemporary Arts
Revisioning Music History Education

Ena Lee - Faculty of Education
Decolonizing Academic Literacy in the Canadian Settler University

Denise Oleksijczuk - School of Contemporary Arts
Connecting Artworks to Archives

MariÈve Mauve Pagé - Publishing Program
Crafts in the Classroom

Ann Travers - Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Decolonizing Knowledge in a Course on Sociology of Knowledge