ISTLD grant project highlights: January 2019

February 04, 2019

Below we've highlighted all new and completed ISTLD funded and supported projects as of January 2019.

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ISTLD Projects Completed January 2019

Scott Harrison - School of Resource and Environmental Management
Incorporating Computer Programming into the Classroom: Linking Mathematical Equations, Computer Programming, and Computer Population Models

Sean Markey - Centre for Sustainable Development & School of Resource and Environmental Management
Flipping Without Flopping: Combining Learning Approaches to Best Benefit Students

Panayiotis Pappas - Department of Linguistics
FASS Forward: An Early Intervention Program for First-Term Students in FASS

New ISTLD Projects as of January 2019

Juan Pablo Alperin - Publishing Program
Encouraging and Supporting Discussions Through Online Annotations

Stephen Campbell - Faculty of Education
Improving Preservice Teaching Understandings of Arithmetic: The Division Theorem

Susan Erikson - Faculty of Health Sciences
Evaluation of Training Strategy Employed During Cascadia Medical Anthropology Workshop Symposium

Byron Gates - Department of Chemistry
Introducing New Laboratory Experiments in the Analytical Chemistry Curriculum

Sonja Luehrmann - Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Exploring Engagement through Cultural Inquiry