ISTLD grant project highlights: July 2019

August 01, 2019

Find out the impact of FASSFirst on student enrolment and Fred Lesage's transformational changes in how he approached the class after his TLDG experience. July saw our first final report from the Inquiring into Your Multilingual Classroom Grant Program: read about Sonja Luehrmann's insights on how it takes "positive effort and modeling from the instructor to help students imagine a use for their multiple language skills".

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Completed ISTLD Projects as of July 2019

Dai Heide - Department of Philosophy
Assessing the Impact of First-Year Seminars (G0233)

Fred Lesage - School of Communication
Just-in-Time Teaching and Technical Skills for Communications Pedagogy (G0241)

Sonja Luehrmann - Department of Sociology and Anthropology
Exploring Engagement through Cultural Inquiry (G0288)

New ISTLD Projects as of July 2019

Isabelle Côté - Faculty of Education
CLIC - Competency in Language - Integration to Content: A pilot Project in French PDP (G0319)

Peter Hollman - Department of Biological Sciences
Development of an Instructional Pre-Lab Video to Better Prepare Students for Lab Microbiology Technique and for Review Purposes (G0318)

Kevin Lam - Department of Biological Sciences
E-resources for BISC 202 - Genetics: Exploring Content, Tools, and Formatting (G0320)

Carolyn Sparrey - School of Engineering Science
Using Physical Systems to Enhance Learning of Dynamics Concepts (G0316)