ISTLD grant project highlights: May 2019

June 01, 2019

Engaging students in literature, experiential education, project-based learning, urban sustainability, and Post-entry language assessments -- check out all new ISTLD funded and supported projects as of May 2019.

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New ISTLD Projects as of May 2019

Leith Davis - Department of English
Experiential Humanities: Engaging Students in Eighteenth-Century Literature Through A Manuscript Media Lab (G0307)

Brian Fisher - SIAT
Evaluation of The Project-based Learning Method in Activating Theory for Intro to HCI Students (G0304)

Atousa Hajshirmohammadi - Engineering Science
Experiential Learning Through Tangible Lab Assignments (G0311)

Meg Holden - Urban Studies
Sustainability Beyond Google Translate: Language-enhanced Nordic and Canadian Approaches to Teaching and Learning Urban Sustainability (G0309)

Michael Sjoerdsma - School of Engineering Science
Designing a Post Entry Language Assessment (PELA) in a 1st Year Engineering Course at a Canadian University (G0306)

Diana Solomon - Department of English
Utilizing Student Performance in the Literature Classroom (G0308)