SFU's Research Personnel Initiative Information

March 25, 2020

**As ISTLD employs a number of research personnel through its various SFU-funded grant programs, we have offerred to assist in distributing information for this initiative. 

Message from SFU's Research Personnel Initiative:

The Research Personnel Initiative continues its work to transition research personnel to SFU employees – in support of our goal to strengthen SFU as a research university and of solidifying the roles of research personnel, including graduate students, through more stable and better-defined employment.

The first phase to offer employment status to Postdoctoral Fellows is nearing completion, and the project team has started work to do the same with grant-funded Research Assistants. Our research personnel play a valuable role in the life of the university – we look forward to welcoming them as employees.

Jon Driver, VP Academic
Joy Johnson, VP Research
Dugan O’Neil, AVP Research
Jeff Derksen, Dean, Grad Studies
Sandi de Domenico, AVP Human Resources

You can find more information on the project website: Research Personnel Initiative, or send an email to: rp_info@sfu.ca.