Personal Web Spaceget help

Every SFU ID has a certain amount of personal network file space, which can be accessed using your SFU ID and password. A subsection of this space (the pub_html directory) can also be used as a personal web page, and accessed using the "tilde" naming convention ( -- as described in the section on Legacy Web Publishing.

Your network file space can be accessed by mounting it on the desktop of an on-campus Mac or PC computer or from both on and off campus computers via Secure FTP (as described in the section on Legacy Web Publishing).

Please Note: The following procedures only work from on campus computers and will not work from home.

Accessing your personal network file space from a Mac

To access your personal network file space as a mounted volume on your Mac's desktop (think: drag and drop), go to the Finder and select "Connect to Server..." from the Finder's Go menu. In the "Connect to Server" dialogue box enter smb:// as the Server Address, and then click on Connect.

When prompted to "Enter your name and password for the server," enter your SFU ID in the Name field, and your SFU password in the Password field.

Accessing your personal network file space from Windows

To access your personal network file space via a standard drive letter (such as N:) first go into Windows Explorer (the precise details will vary depending on your version of Windows).

Once in Windows Explorer, choose "Map a network drive" from the Tools menu. For Drive: pick a free drive letter; for Folder: use the following:


When prompted for your credentials, preface your user ID with


For example, the user Rudyard Kipling has a user ID of


and so Mr. Rudy would enter


For the password filed, use the same SFU password as is used for all other SFU services.