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The following agreement is also available in PDF format here.

Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement
for Users of the SFU Finance System (FINS)

As an employee of Simon Fraser University, I understand that I have a legal obligation to protect personal information to which I have access through FINS and related University records and information systems. In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, University Policy I10.04 - Access to Information and Protection of Privacy and the Registrar’s Confidentiality Policy ( I agree to protect all personal information to which I have access in the course of my employment with the University. I agree to use the personal information contained in FINS only for the purposes for which it was collected and purposes consistent with my employment responsibilities. I agree that I will only disclose personal information as permitted by law. I understand that discipline, up to and including dismissal, may result if I access, collect, use, disclose, or dispose of personal information without authority. I understand that my legal obligation does not end with my employment at Simon Fraser University but continues in perpetuity and that failure to keep confidential the personal information of individuals is grounds for legal action. By my signature I acknowledge that I have read and understand the FINS User Guidelines and this privacy agreement.