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Simon Fraser University
FINS User Guidelines

University System users are those academic and non-academic appointment employees authorized to use the system by the appropriate dean, department chair, manager, director or supervisor. The University system is used by staff and faculty for the purposes of administration of administrative, academic and financial records. The personal information contained within the databases was collected for those purposes.


  • never give out your login ID or password which will be the same as your SFU E-mail login ID and password.
  • choose a password with a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols
  • change your password when prompted to do so by the system
  • never disclose to an unauthorized person any personal information you have access to through FINS
  • never discuss specific details of the data contents and system functionality of FINS with an unauthorized person

Using University Systems at the office:

  • use FINS only for purposes directly related to your job duties
  • ensure that your workstation is not visible to unauthorized persons
  • when accessing FINS, do not let others view information which they are not authorized to view
  • although the system will time-out (i.e. log you out), if you need to leave your workstation logout from FINS before doing so

Using University Systems outside the office:

  • observe all of the guidelines noted above
  • make sure your computer is located in a secure place
  • use a security or anti-theft device on your computer hardware
  • make sure you clear your browser’s history and empty your browser’s cache after each use of FINS
  • do not let members of your family or other unauthorized persons view confidential information when you are accessing FINS
  • if you cannot ensure the above guidelines will be followed, please DO NOT use University Systems outside the office