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Schedule of SIMS-PSC Meetings for 2016

Generally the committee meets on the last Thursday of each month. In order to adequately review and estimate new requests, new requests must be received 10 working days prior to the meeting.

Deadline for new Requests

ES-PSC Meeting Date

16 Jan 2016

28 Jan 2016

13 Feb 2016

25 Feb 2016

13 Mar 2016

31 Mar 2016

10 Apr 2016

28 Apr 2016

15 May 2016

26 May 2016

12 Jun 2016

30 Jun 2016

17 Jul 2016

28 Jul 2016

14 Aug 2016

25 Aug 2016

11 Sep 2016

29 Sep 2016

16 Oct 2016

27 Oct 2016

13 Nov 2016

24 Nov 2016


SIMS-PSC Process

Reporting to the AVPSI and CIO, the SIMS Priority Setting Committee (SIMS-PSC) will assess and prioritize SIMS and other student system change requests to achieve optimal impact for students and other stakeholders. This process will remain as the permanent process for SIMS Sustainment.

Each Change Request will follow the general steps outlined below:

  • An end user defines the need for a modification to the system by filling out a Change Request Form.
  • The request is forwarded to along with the Business Area’s priority.
  • The request is reviewed by the SIMS Review Team.
  • The SIMS-PSC reviews the request and makes a selection from the available options.
  • Out of scope items or those requiring the approval of additional funds and resources, which the PSC feels should be considered further are escalated to the ESC
  • After a SIMS-PSC decision, the request is returned to the Review Team who action it appropriatly.